About Sinéad Lawless M.N.R.R.I.


Sinéad offers one-to-one reflexology (including under 16′s – with parent/guardian present) in South County Dublin.


Sinéad is a fully trained and registered (MNRRI) reflexologist.

Sinéad studied and graduated with distinction in ITEC Anatomy & Physiology (Diploma) and ITEC Reflexology (Diploma) in 2007.

Sinéad keeps her reflexology skills current with regular continued professional development courses and classes that have included but are not limited to; Reflexotherapy (Hanne Marquardt), Vertical Reflex Therapy (The Booth Method), Advanced VRT Hand and Nail-working (The Booth Method), The Language of the Feet (Chris Stormer), Cancer and Palliative Care (Carol Donnelly, ARC Cancer Support Centre) and Hand Reflexology.



A passionate advocate of healing, Sinéad firmly believes that it is important to view every client holistically (mind, body & spirit) and treat them as such. She feels that the emotions and the mind can have as much a physical effect on the body as anything else and that it is important to support on all levels. The client’s comfort and trust are paramount to her treatments.

Having suffered severe & chronic ulcerative colitis (IBD) for many years Sinéad found that conventional treatment was starting to become less effective for her & in turn became interested in the complementary health field. Receiving regular reflexology worked so effectively for Sinéad’s condition it evoked a passion in her to learn more. A healthy balance of conventional & complementary treatment has helped Sinéad in the continual management of her condition.

More about Sinéad

Sinéad has many interests outside of reflexology including yoga, art and music, and worked in a creative capacity for 14 years professionally. She loves to illustrate & paint and runs art workshops from time to time.

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