Detoxing with reflexology

Ah the New Year Detox! A cliche? Yes… but it is the season for resolutions so what better time than now to write about the benefits of detoxing and how reflexology can facilitate this.

Why Detox?

Reason number one is, for me, in order to feel better! Detoxing your system brings your body back into homeostasis and maximises your ability to heal physically, emotionally and mentally.
When your body is toxic on a physical level, it can cause fluctuations in thought and mood, sometimes making you feel down, de-motivated and cranky.Reason number two .. to have more energy? Do you find that you are currently tired, lethargic and sluggish? Detoxing can help to boost your energy levels and your motivation.

Reason number three .. to look better? Detoxing helps the skin, hair, eyes, nails and your overall glow.

Why Reflexology?

There are many different methods of detoxing, a lot of which involve diets and colonic flushing. These cannot be disputed as very effective ways of flushing the system. With any detox, it is encouraged that you eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water but the one thing that reflexology can offer on top of this is relaxation and a level of pampering. Reflexology has been proven to be extremely potent in helping to remove toxins from the body.The definition of ‘toxin’ is...
A poisonous substance, especially one produced by a living organism. Toxins can be products or byproducts of ordinary metabolism, such as lactic acid, and they must be broken down or excreted before building up to dangerous levels.

Reflexology works by increasing circulatory and lymphatic movement on a very physical level and so delivers more oxygen and nutrients to your body on a cellular level. This, in turn, leads to greater energy.

Increasing circulatory and lymphatic movement also speeds up the exit of unwanted substances in the body from the appropriate organs. Drinking lots of water is essential to help support this process.

Reflexology works to balance the endocrine system and moderate the adrenal gland (produces cortisol), which is known to typically go into overdrive at Christmas with all the stress. Balancing the adrenal gland again, can take you out of that lethargic and de-motivated feeling or can help to calm you if you are still under the influence of high-stress.

Serotonin is a happy neurotransmitter that plays a major role in transmitting messages in the nervous system. When it is plentiful, we feel wonderful about the world, even if it is posing challenges. Our stores of serotonin can run low particularly if over a period of time our cortisol levels have been elevated, our blood sugars swinging and our gut function disturbed.
Signs of low serotonin include feeling overwhelmed, lowered mood, insomnia, lack of motivation and feeling that we are not good enough.
- an excerpt from an article by April Ivory (M.Sc.Dip.nat) in the winter 09 issue of Positive Life magazine

Reflexology also boosts the immune system, aids the digestive system, calms the nervous system and stimulates the release of endorphins, a well-know feel-good factor, into the bloodstream.

Aside from all of these benefits, a session of reflexology can also just give you the time out to relax and de-stress. Reflexology has been proven to help improve sleep, and so, can offer a step in the right direction when it comes to rest and recuperation.

Other Tips for Detoxing

While you are receiving reflexology the following can also aid and speed up your detoxification process.

  1. Epsom salt baths. My fave!
  2. Drink plenty of purified water (2ltrs a day is recommended as a guideline)
  3. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables
  4. Herbal teas. I would personally recommend the yogi teas as they are my favourite and I find them to be very effective.
  5. Recognise when you are stressed and take sufficient rest. Try yoga, meditation, swimming or maybe even just read a book you enjoy.
  6. Invest in a neti pot and use it (see article on sinus problems)