Sinus problems

I’ve come across quite a number of people who suffer from sinus pain and blockages and thought it might be beneficial to some if I were to share my personal experience with it.

Sinus issues were the main reason I got into reflexology in the first place. I had chronic sinusitis for the best part of a year and had tried practically all medications, including over the counter and prescribed medications in order to treat it. The relief was always temporary if at all. I went to a number of doctors and in the end it was decided that I should go into hospital and have my sinuses scraped. The thought of having this done horrified me. At that time I spoke with a person who had had the procedure done and he said that again the relief was temporary and he had to have the procedure multiple times.

Anyone who has suffered with sinus problems, especially, the pain, will appreciate how debilitating it is, not to mention how cranky it makes you. I put the procedure on the long finger and decided to stick with the medications for now, even though I was taking multiple tablets on a daily basis.

Then reflexology found its way into my life. I bumped into a friend of a friend who just happened to be a reflexologist and somehow the sinus problem came up in conversation. (I most likely had a headache at the time). She offered me a complementary session of reflexology to see if it would help. I was highly sceptical but desperate. I had had reflexology years earlier and remembered how it had significantly reduced the symptoms of PMS at the time and I thought, maybe it could help now.

I was a little worried going for the session as I also had a condition known as palmar/plantar hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating on the hands and feet which is believed to be due to a malfunction in the sympathetic nervous system) and it made me very self-conscious regarding my feet and hands. I had this condition for as long as I could remember. Very embarrassing in school. The reflexologist made me feel completely at ease however and I trusted her and soon I was able to relax. She noted that there were a lot of ‘crystals’ around the sinus reflex points which infers a build up of toxins in the area. She told me that I should drink more water and try and cut back if possible on the over the counter medications as they were possibly adding to my toxicity. She also told me it would take more than one session to clear the problem.

The next day I had bad sinus and didn’t feel so good. I learned that this was known as a ‘healing crisis’ and thankfully the reflexologist had pre-warned me. Although, this obviously wasn’t the desired result, I was intrigued that the reflexology had seemed to affect me at all even if it was seemingly for the worst. I decided to go for a few more sessions. I booked in for three more, each a week apart.

After the subsequent sessions I did not feel as ill which was nice. I made a conscious effort to drink more water and take less painkillers (even though this sometimes meant just having to go to bed early because I couldn’t function). I was lucky that I was in a position to do this. I understand that if you have a couple of children running around that the luxury of going to bed when you’re ill is not always available.

The most amazing thing was that after the fourth session (so this is only after a month long treatment, when I had had this condition for a year) my sinusitis completely subsided. I was shocked. I was waking up in the morning without pain for the first time in a year!

Also, as an added bonus, my hyperhidrosis had stopped! I had had that condition for 25 years and had been to see doctors with it all to no avail! I was sold. I decided there and then that I would have to train in reflexology so that I could understand this and possibly help other people with similar issues. I haven’t had a sinus attack to the same degree since then and that was 4 years ago.

Another gem I have been blessed to discover is the ‘neti pot‘. This is a little pot which you fill with salted water and use to irrigate the sinuses. If I feel a touch of sinus coming on, I use this and I feel much clearer. The neti pot has also helped me with sinus issues at high altitudes.

The article above is based on my own personal experience and does not necessarily mean that this treatment is suitable for all individuals. Reflexology is a complimentary therapy and is not designed to replace the advice of a medical doctor or specialist. Please mention any health concerns or medications etc. when making an appointment so that the reflexologist can advise you on whether or not the treatment is suited to your needs. It is not a reflexologist’s place to attempt to diagnose or claim cure to any illness. If in doubt whether a reflexology treatments is right for you, please consult with your doctor.